Rust Pond Dam Emergency Action Plan


Condition Yellow
Condition Yellow indicates a serious or potentially hazardous situation at the dam site. Typically this would mean excessive water running over the stop logs and the 21-foot fixed spillway, soil erosion at the ends or below the dam, or potential failure of the cement or stop logs.
The emergency response personnel should implement warnings and/or evacuation procedures commensurate with the situation.

Condition Red
Condition Red indicates failure of the dam is imminent or has occurred. It requires immediate response. The notification chart should be followed; however, since all affected people are close, ( within 300 yards ) notification to these people should be made after the Wolfeboro Department of Safety has been notified.

Wolfeboro Central Dispatch
Wolfeboro Central Dispatch's number is 569-1444, and operates 24 hours a day. The Dispatcher at this number should take responsibility for notifying the Emergency Management Director, the Police and Fire departments, put the ambulance service on alert ant notify the State and State Police. The Wolfeboro Police and Fire departments should proceed to the intersection of Middleton Road and Route 28, assess the flooding condition and take necessary action. Possible actions necessitated by flooding conditions might be the notification of the local residences and /or restrictions for traffic at that intersection.