Rust Pond Dam Operating Procedures
Rust Pond, Wolfeboro, NH

1. Description

1.1 Location

Rust Pond Dam sits on the south side of Rust Pond about 500 feet from the junction of Route 28 and Middleton Road. Access to the dam is via a path beginning at the rear of the Weston Auto Body parking area.

1.2 Ownership

The Rust Pond Association ("The Association") owns the dam. The Association also owns the land to the west of the dam to the stone wall and to the center of the brook down to Weston Auto Body lot. Land on the east side of the dam is privately owned.
1.3 Construction

The dam is a cement structure 84 feet wide with a central maximum-pond-level spillway that is 21 feet wide. In the center of the spillway there is a 5' wide by 3' deep gate. Manual insertion or removal of stop boards controls the effective height of the gate. The stop boards are tongue and groove boards approximately 52" wide by 8" high by 2" thick.

2. Seasonal Operation

During the summer (May-September) the water level is maintained between 7" and 15" below the 21' spillway by adjusting the stop logs.

During the winter, fall, and spring (October to May) the water level should be kept at a level of 17" below the spillway. If the lake level is very low or dry conditions exist, the stop logs should be replaced earlier in the spring.

Prior to heavy rains (3" plus) an appropriate number of stop logs should be removed, depending on the initial pond level, to maintain proper pond level.

At the request of a Rust Pond Association Member, the pond level will be lowered to minimum level (about 2' below normal) every five (5) years to permit shoreline, dock, and dam maintenance. Draw down will begin September 15th with an effort to reach minimum level by October 15th. Stop logs should be replaced to the winter level by November 20th. Draw down will occur in 2017 and then at five year intervals if requested by a member.

The association must vote for any additional draw down of the pond. Then a letter must be sent to the town manager seeking approval for the draw down. Finally, a notice of intent must be placed in a local paper 30 days prior to the start of the draw down.

Note: Removal of the stop logs should be done with extreme caution. Two persons are recommended in the operation for safety reasons.

3. Maintenance Program
The dam should be inspected periodically (monthly, if possible) using the attached inspection form.

Stop logs should be replaced at every 5 year draw down.

Surface repair of the cement structure should be performed during draw down as needed.  This requires preparation and scheduling prior to draw down.

Earthen embankments surrounding the dam should be trimmed of excess brush and any trees over 2" in diameter yearly. Permissions should be obtained from the east embankment property owner.

Debris below the dam should be removed when safe conditions exist (no water flow).

"Caution" and "No Trespassing" signs should be placed and maintained in full view.
4. An emergency action plan must be prepared, maintained, and verified annually.